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A - Level Student Counselling

Caledonia Education, a seasoned provider of support services for students aspiring to attend UK universities, offers on-site, personalized assistance to A-level students within your country. Collaborating with student groups, we deliver individualized guidance for applications to international universities and colleges. Over the years, we have successfully aided numerous students in applying to institutions in the UK, North America, Canada, Australia, ASEAN countries, and the United Arab Emirates.

Bernie Quinn and A level students in Ace school, Kathmandu, Nepal
Bernie does one-to-one career and international university advice to A level students in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Bernie with parents and A level students in Kathmandu

Our straightforward and transparent approach involves establishing partnerships with schools in Asia. Through contractual agreements, we work closely with A-level students, preparing them for their global academic pursuits. Regardless of the destination or chosen degree program, we offer comprehensive support throughout the application process, guiding students with suitable options.Our engagement with your students includes biannual in-person sessions and regular online support classes. We assist with formal university application forms, provide guidance on CV and personal statement development, and offer support for visa applications. Moreover, we continue to be a valuable resource once the student has commenced their studies at an international university. We maintain close communication with your faculty and the student's parents or guardians, ensuring everyone is well-informed about the implications of applying to a specific country or university. These implications may involve financial considerations, bursary options, visa challenges, cultural awareness, and future career prospects.In addition, we actively support your institutional student recruitment plans and social media initiatives, leveraging our own platforms to showcase your students' achievements.

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