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Transnational education partnership agreements

Transnational Education Partnerships

We are Caledonia Education Ltd., and we are excited about the prospect of collaborating with you. Your vision holds significance for us, and we are enthusiastic about understanding your business needs to equip you with the tools for a successful future. As a professional Consulting Firm, clients have chosen us for our readiness to deliver customised TNE partnerships solutions promptly and according to your specifications.

At Caledonia Education, we bring over 20 years of experience in establishing new transnational partnerships among schools, universities, colleges, and educational institutions.


Through discussions, we align on the potential partners you wish to engage with, considering their profile, country of origin, and the level of courses you aim to deliver. Our role involves identifying suitable partners, representing your interests, and negotiating agreements on your behalf. We maintain consistent communication and serve as a liaison between you and the new partners.

Navigating the validation process with an international partner can be complex, and we alleviate any confusion by clarifying terminology, explaining systems and processes, and assisting with validation documentation. Collaborating with your staff, we prepare the team for the validation event, ensuring everyone understands their roles and responsibilities by rehearsing the event. Reviewing your current administrative processes allows us to verify the presence of necessary internal quality systems and audit methods.

On the validation day, we provide support and assist with any conditions set before the program's startup, guiding you through a seamless process.

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