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Thinking of applying to a UK university?


Free Advisory Consultation

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Expert Guidance

 We at Caledonia Education have many years of experience of supporting international students and offer a free advisory service to assist you with your application preparation. Our student counselling services consider your current education achievements to date, your skills and passions and will advise on the appropriateness of your study choices. We’re happy to meet with you alone or with a parent or guardian to chat through your options. Get in touch today for your first free advisory session at

Achieve Your Education Dreams..

Every year thousands of students from around the world apply to UK universities and colleges to further their studies. From medicine to law, business to finance, sports to culinary arts, media to politics and many, many more, you will find your choice of degree here in a UK university. A fast way to determine the best university for you is to contact us today and tell us a bit more about yourself, your background and your career aspirations. We would love to help!

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How to Apply to a UK University

UCAS – is the UK Universities and Colleges Admission Services and is where you start to make your application into an undergraduate course. To register and start to make your application(s) simply click here.

For post-graduate courses, you can apply directly to the university of your choice

Confused? get in touch and we can demystify the process -

English Language Requirements


Language – for those applicants whose first language is not English you may be asked to submit an IELTS test to confirm your level of ability. Many universities also accept other methods of English language tests. Your Caledonia Education counsellor will guide you appropriately to ensure that you have achieved suitable levels of English language for your university course.

Your University of Choice

Caledonia Gold Service

Caledonia Education doesn't only offer counselling as to which university would be a best fit for your aspirations. We also advise on which degree programme(s) you might be most suited to apply for, and when necessary ones you may not have considered previously. Using our Caledonia Gold Service gives you in-depth advisory and support services with every part of your application - only £275.00

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