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Scotland's capital Edinburgh - home to Caledonia Education

We Provide Transnational Education Consultancy Support for Schools, Colleges, Universities and New Education Enterprises



Mission: We assist educators in crafting exceptional learning experiences for students globally.
Our Values 
Collaboration–is at the core of our efforts as we
foster and promote connections among educators, all working towards the common goal of delivering exceptional learning experiences for students across diverse settings.
Innovation–we contribute transformative ideas that reshape educational possibilities.
Respect–we collaborate with global citizens, acknowledging the value and potential contributions of each individual. 
Diversity–our commitment to equality and diversity is evident as we forge connections with individuals from various backgrounds, beliefs, and life choices.
Equitability–we strive to enhance opportunities for students, ensuring equal access to educational possibilities.

See below just some of the countries we've worked in over the years...

Malaysian capital - Kuala Lumpur
Image by Raimond Klavins
Birds flying over India Gate, New Delhi.
Image by Klāvs Taimiņš
Image by Paul Carmona
Temples of Bangkok

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