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International Student Adventures -Introducing
Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management, Kathmandu and Pokhara, Nepal

Study, Explore, Make a Difference

Caledonia Education is proud to work with amazing educators around the world that welcome international students looking for diverse study experiences.

 One of the biggest challenges for graduates today, is the highly competitive job market for new entrants. Too many applicants with the same or similar degrees can only catch the notice of the recruiters by having an eye-catching CV. One of the ways to get that CV is to go and study in another country and get involved in community work whilst you are doing it. Just imagine telling a future employer that you lived, studied and contributed to society in Nepal for a year or two, or even more? It is possible and, in many cases, you can also get an internationally recognised degree at the same time!


Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management (SMSHM)
Trains hotel managers of the future in all aspects of the Hotel industry. Leave with a UK degree at Undergraduate or Master's level. SMSHM is located just a 5 minute walk from the British Embassy in central Kathmandu.

SMSHM students are called 'Silver Mountaineers'! They are trained in all hotel departments in order to understand the challenges that their staff will face in future. Students on placements go to the finest 5 star hotels in the Middle East, the Maldives, Thailand, USA and many other parts of the world.

pack 4 Purpose students.jpeg

'Pack for Purpose'-Students are involved in outreach activities to help lesser fortunate citizens. Students raise funds to purchase a huge range of learning and teaching materials for smaller schools in Nepal and then distribute to them. Everyone gets involved!

Fishtail Mountain School of Hospitality & Tourism Management - Pokhara, Nepal is the sister school of SMSHM and is located just a short drive away from the regional airport.


Fishtail Mountain students can study a range of Culinary Arts or Hotel management awards in conjunction with international universities. With its custom built Oenology suite, students taste and learn all about fine wines.

Pokhara - a top tourist destination with stunning lakes, soaring mountains and a favourable warm climate. No wonder so many students want to study in this lush paradise.


Programmes of Study & Intakes for 2023/2024

Silver Mountain culinary students

Awards - DICA has triple certification from CTEVT, Silver Mountain and AHA USA. Bachelor Degree (BA) International Culinary Arts, Queen Margaret University, UK
Start Dates - December 2023

Fees- £3,000 per year

Options- 2 year Diploma in International Professional Culinary Arts (DICA) or the 4 year BA International Culinary Arts. Advanced entry may be available into the BA degree if student has completed an internationally recognised Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Culinary studies.

Silver Mountain graduates

Award - BA International Hospitality and Tourism Management, Queen Margaret University, UK

Start Dates - December 2023

2 year programme of study that includes two placement semesters working in industry in one of our partner 5 star hotels around the world. Advanced entry may be available for students who have successfully completed an internationally recognised Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Hospitality/Tourism

Silver Mountain graduates

Award - MBA in Hospitality with Queen Margaret University, UK.

Start Dates - September 2023

Fees - £5,000 per year

This 2 year course of study is designed in conjunction with our UK partners QMU. As hotel managers increasingly around the world face numerous challenges in a post covid world we structure your management learning around the realities that industry faces in the modern world. Consider Operations, Strategy, Finance, Economics, Service  and Leadership as the core elements of your studies.

Fishtail Mountain students, Pokhara, Nepal.

Silver Mountain and Fishtail Mountain also have a number of shorter courses students can apply for, contact us today for more details. 

Short courses range from 1 month to 3 or 6 month courses and students can study culinary arts, bakery and patisserie or food and beverage service diplomas. International students can apply for a number of courses up front to stay for example on a one year student visa. There are so many options, get in touch today.

Study, Explore, Make a Difference with the help of Caledonia Education Ltd.

Caledonia Education advisors can help you today to find a different kind of study experience in Nepal. Not only that, but we will help with applications for institutions that you are eligible to apply to and support your application through to you accepting an offer and arriving in Kathmandu. Simply click on the link button below and someone to get in touch. All of our counselling services are free to students.

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